current portfolio companies.

Q bio is building technology that quantifies, digitizes, and simulates human physiology.

Nstack enables sophisticated data work on production systems, without reliance on engineering teams.

Knowtions is building 'Lydia', an AI expert that's learning to optimize healthcare

Tomobox offers real time insights for messaging platforms.

Sparrho combines human and artificial intelligence to help you stay on top of the science that matters to you.

Orphidia is a pioneer in the field of portable diagnostics.

Percepto is an autonomous drone technology company focused on enterprise solutions.

ScanTrust is a B2B SaaS company that delivers mobile authentication and secure, unit-level traceability for the supply chain.

Atiim's software allows companies to set and track OKR goals & accelerate results

Labgenius is a platform for the discovery of new biological molecules using artificial intelligence, automation, and synthetic DNA.

Sonalytic researches and develops state-of-the-art machine learning techniques for the identification, monitoring, and discovery of music.


Veeto gets consumers out of contracts, saving time and money.

Rover automatically learns what you like and helps you discover content that matches your interests.


Trace uses genetic sequencing and machine learning to manage and prevent agricultural diseases.